Market Makeovers Featured in GOOD Magazine

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Design is a VerbAlissa Walker on November 30, 2009 at 5:00 am PST

How students in Los Angeles are helping foment a healthy eating revolution in their own neighborhoods.

This Thanksgiving, when you dashed into your local convenience store Thursday morning to buy the inevitable forgotten ingredient in your annual feast, you probably wondered how you ever missed them before. The Great Wall of Doritos. The Leaning Tower of Snickers. The Mountain of Dew. My favorite is the Hostess Blockade, a hulking mass of Twinkies that stands at a 45-degree angle to the entrance of the convenience store on my corner, making my walk to anything else inside the store less than convenient. Sure, I live in a corner of Los Angeles with an artisanal cheese shop and there’s farmers’ market nearby once a week. But most of the stores—and many of the restaurants—in my neighborhood suffer from a severe lack of nutritional value. It’s called a food desert.

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