PDUB Productions is an innovative youth media + civic engagement program through which local youth create digital content about Historic Filipinotown (Hi Fi) for distribution on multiple platforms: interactive Mobile Hi Fi Tours; HyperCities, an online, map-based time-travel application; and a street-level multimedia installation at Pilipino Workers’ Center’s new building.

Though Filipinos are the largest Asian population in the city of Los Angeles, the community and its issues are often overlooked. Designated in 2002, Historic Filipinotown (“Hi Fi” or “P-Town”) has few cultural or physical markers to indicate the area’s status. It is better known for its proximity to the 101 Freeway and as shortcut to downtown than as a cultural nexus. Historic Filipinotown is ethnically and culturally diverse, with Filipinos comprising 20% of the population and Latinos the largest group.

PDub Productions addresses several community needs: building a sustainable digital media program for resource-poor neighborhood youth; engaging local youth to create content about Historic Filipinotown’s character, history and significance; convening an inclusive multi-generational, cross-sector coalition of neighborhood stakeholders; and enhancing the neighborhood’s visibility and foot-traffic. It uses digital technology in a creative, educational, innovative and participatory manner, and advances ongoing efforts to benefit the community-at-large.


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